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ADD: Qingdongba Industrial Park, Santai, Mianyang, Sichuan, China 621100

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Sichuan bojun anti-wear industries Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Bojun Anti-wear Industries Co., Ltd is specialized in customized wear liner parts made by sand or lost foam casting and machining process for a variaty of material, including high manganese steel, abrasion-resistant  cast irons, high temperature-resistant cast steel, corrosion-resistant cast steel, etc.  Our foundry team has much more experience in manufacturing and exporting many kinds of wear liner  casting parts for at least 30 years .  Utilizing both sand casting and lost foam casting processes we are able to provide a wide range of product weight from 3kg to 8000kg with the annual production capacity of over 8,000 tons.

Bojun Anti-wear Industries is dedicated to providing high-quality products and professional solutions to our customers.  Appreciating to our concentrated expertise and strict adherence to customer’s requirement and specification our more than 70% products are exported to many counrties over the world, USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, Australia, etc.  Most companies among the countries list are well-known in the whole world.