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Plate hammer simple operation long life


Which is containing a lot of technology in which, which is able to have a very strong wear resistance, but also very good for the work is in the plate hammer crusher, its life is very long, is very good The conduct of the.jaw plate

At present, most of the domestic crusher hammer use high-Meng steel material, its wear resistance is not enough, the service life is very short. Broken limestone hammer can generally use 60-90d, in some special conditions, the use of less than 7d. At the same time as the impact of the hammer in the work of the impact is not large, is the high hard steel hammer hardening effect is not significant, the role of anti-erosion wear resistance, because Cr (calcium) elements can play to strengthen the Austrian Body, to improve the hardness of steel, strength and wear resistance of the role, so in high manganese steel by adding Cr (calcium) elements, can greatly enhance the hammer. In the broken iron ore, the hammer life than ordinary high manganese steel increased by 50%. Although the impact crusher late, but the development of fast. It has been China's cement, building materials, coal and chemical and mineral processing and other industrial sectors are widely used in various ores, crushing operations. Also used as ore crushing equipment. The reason why such a rapid development of the impact crusher is mainly because it has the following important features. Product size uniformity. This is broken. Is the use of kinetic energy to break the ore, and each ore has the kinetic energy and the quality of the ore, is proportional to. Therefore, in the process of crushing, large ore is subject to a greater degree of crushing, but smaller particles of ore, under certain conditions are not broken, so broken product size uniformity.

Liner, broken wall is also a very good product, which is a very fast development speed, the force is very concentrated, before the need is the need to check, so that a good job.