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Mine accessories how to do routine maintenance?


Mine equipment maintenance and quality of equipment is the premise of the use of machinery and equipment, mining machinery and equipment in the long-term use of the process, the mechanical parts wear and tear, the gap increases, with the change, mechanical equipment should be static balance and dynamic balance Damage, job stability, reliability and mechanical efficiency are significantly reduced, and even cause some of the assembly and parts of the permanent damage. Knowledge of daily maintenance of mine equipment is described below.jaw plate

(1) to strengthen the maintenance of mine accessories equipment to prevent false security, to prevent leakage. Maintenance work must be enforced due to improper maintenance is one of the main causes of equipment failure. The maintenance manager shall formulate an effective maintenance plan in accordance with the instructions for the maintenance of the mechanical maintenance and carry out the technical handover with the motor vehicle personnel at any time and check the implementation of the maintenance at any time.

(2) to strengthen the daily inspection of mining equipment, inspection results should be detailed records, not only to include the previous maintenance records, for the record, but also to include daily use and workload of the record in order to analyze and determine the mechanical failure, Timely and accurate to eliminate the hidden trouble.

(3) maintenance managers should grasp the situation in time to understand the overall situation, to make a reasonable and detailed mechanical maintenance program, and maintenance operations, procurement activities to make instructions and supervision, to avoid unnecessary maintenance and waste of its costs.

(4) to increase maintenance management, establish and improve the mechanical maintenance, maintenance rules and regulations, emphasizing the role of maintenance management; improve the data statistics system, the size of the file for the record; on the machine driver and maintenance personnel to do a clear responsibility, reward and punishment Clearly; on the procurement, processing accessories and other work to increase supervision, Paul broken mechanical parts of the quality and quantity.