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How to extend the life of wear parts?


Grinding mill, grinding plate, liner and other important wear parts, the need for good wear resistance. However, if the operation can not grasp the correct method of operation, it is easy to lead to damage to these wear parts, thereby reducing the efficiency of equipment operation, an increase of equipment maintenance costs. In order to extend the vertical grinding roller, grinding disc, liner life, we can start from the following six aspects:

First, choose the right material. Different materials on the grinding roller, grinding disc and liner wear different degrees, the material impurities, hardness, wear on the wear parts of the impact is relatively large, such as quartz and pyrite content increased, the wear-resistant spare parts Wear will be significantly increased, so choose the right material is also necessary.

The second is to ensure that the feed is even. According to the appropriate choice of raw materials, the size of the appropriate size, under normal circumstances, the hard material diameter of 3 cm below the ideal.

Three is strictly prohibited metal block into the vertical mill. If necessary, in the raw materials into the mill before the addition of iron, so as to avoid falling into the vertical grinding of metal materials related parts.

Fourth, the timely replacement of wearing parts. Maintenance maintenance, you can open the active case, the timely replacement of vulnerable parts; in the drive before the need to plate the spindle, check the machine with or without abnormal sound, found that the problem should be promptly handled, never let the equipment run sick.

Fifth is to maintain the inspection roller sleeve within the rolling bearing. In particular, the replacement of the roller, the need to roll the roller bearing cleaning, and timely replacement of damaged parts.

Six is the effective implementation of the correct boot sequence. Start the first fan after the start of the host, stop the first stop after the host fan.